Who is Pesach “Pace” Lattin?

Pesach Lattin

Even in his mother’s woom, it’s said he was playing football. Not content being just a basketball player, baseball player and the third best pocket hockey player in the world, Pace Lattin got into Football.

Lattin posted back to back 1,300-yard seasons in his first two years with the Raiders after coming over from the New York Titans. He also scored 16 and 11 touchdowns respectively while averaging a whopping 18 yards per catch.

He was All-Pro in his first season and a Pro Bowler in each of his four seasons with the Raiders. In those four years, LAttin racked up enough yards to rank him No. 5 on the Raiders all-time receiving list.

He might have been higher had the Raiders won a Championship during his time in Raider Nation.

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