Why do I hate the Raiders?

Guess what? The Raiders are coming to Las Vegas, and there’s nothing I can do about. Personally, I don’t care if there is football in Las Vegas, and likely I will buy tickets and go to the games. However, that’s not why I created this page, in order to prevent football from being in Las Vegas.

I don’t actually hate the raiders, just getting your attention.

I want to use the Raiders and the domains to bring attention to our failing horribly underfunded schools. Every year Las Vegas waits to see the rankings, to see if we are the second, third or dead last school district in the nation. For whatever reason, tax payers are unable to consider the option that we need better schools, so they are willing to spend $1 billion for football welfare and helping billionaires out, than forking up a few million more to make our schools better.

My kid went to private school his entire life: until I realized his socialization was failing by only being around the kids of parents who could afford the school. Now he’s in public school and frankly, despite his teacher being amazing, I consider leaving the public school system all the time.

His principal seems to not really care about the students, and has even gone as far to refuse to meet me to discuss things.

My complaints have been ignored, my letters thrown away and the one time I went in to try to “get something done” I was kicked out of the office for videotaping (legally) to document my complaint. Even when CCSD police verified what I was doing was legal, they refused to let me video tape. Why? Because administrators just don’t care…

Everyone I know has recommended me suing the district for the stuff I’ve witnessed, and the utter idiocy I’ve experienced. From downright bigotry to ignorance, some of the administration seems intent on not working hard. However, suing the district and taking more money from the students isn’t something I would look forward to, even though I have some of the best attorneys.

Instead, I’m using the raiders, and their corporate football welfare to get attention in hope that maybe we can actually have a discussion on what is going on, and how can fix it.

I get it: it’s a hard, hard job. However, as long as we underfund CCSD, we will be creating an environment that makes it really hard for students to excel. Also, as long as we are willing to continue to accept excuses for bad administrators and staff that don’t really care, nothing will change.

Love some feedback and ideas,

Pesach “Pace” Lattin

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  1. I absolutely agree with you. I am not a fan of football, but I am happy for those who are. I just think we should address the long standing problem with education, that is only getting worse.

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