Traffic will Suck

Many years ago, Penn and Teller created a video game called Desert Bus. The object of the game was to drive a school bus from Tuscon, Arizona to Las Vegas. The drive takes eight hours, and you cannot pause the game. It is the worst game ever made, and was never officially released, although the magic duo did let some people play it for a charity event a few years back. It is the worst game ever because there is fuck-all between Tuscon and Vegas but eight hours of desolation.

Los Angeles to Vegas on Route 66 is much like this. It is a wasteland of dust, tumbleweeds and cow shit. It’s like driving through northern Nevada, except without all the civilization. Oakland to Vegas is even worse- you have to drive down to LA from Oakland and then turn east and then endure the LA-LV haul. That’s an eight-hour trek. Blecch. Flying there is going to be your best option, and any time you get in an airplane you have a non-zero chance of plummeting to a fiery death. What a way to ruin your vintage Ben Davidson jersey.

Excerpt from Silver and Black Pride

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